Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Mission

DH with Troy Parrots
Birds of Paradise Sanctuary & Rescue is a safe haven for abused or unwanted exotic birds, regardless of species, age, special needs or behavior issues. We do not buy, sell, or breed birds nor will we adopt to anyone who does. The birds placed within our care will receive the proper medical care and behavioral evaluations on a regular basis. They will live in aviaries where they can fly free, with natural vegetation, fresh air and sunshine. They will live as close to free as possible while in captivity and still enjoy the daily interaction of only the most loving caregivers.

We will work with these birds to provide rehabilitation for those that have suffered due to neglect and abuse. We will teach them trust of humans once again, through our gentle process of daily interactions and by providing them with loving communication and positive reinforcement.

Birds of Paradise Sanctuary and Rescue will actively work with legislators to enact laws that protect the parrots in both breeding situations and as companion parrots. We will help to raise the awareness about the plight and over population crisis of captive bred exotic birds. We will be a voice for the birds and help to promote unity within the avian community.

Birds of Paradise Sanctuary and Rescue will help to coordinate and network with other parrot rescues and sanctuaries throughout the U.S., and to help place birds who are in need of a safe haven. The overpopulation crisis is growing and rescues facilities in every state have to turn away birds daily or take in more than they can adequately care for. We will promote teamwork for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Birds of Paradise Sanctuary will also provide educational resources and professional advice for all those wishing to learn the proper care of exotic birds. We hope to help dispel the myths that have been spread by the pet trade industry that has led to the suffering and over population of these magnificently intelligent creatures.


  1. its great to have instigation like you uys to look out for these birds.. I hope one day to do the same.. Thanks for caring.

    1. If you ever need help with your own venture, please let us know and maybe we can help one another out! =)