Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trooper's Rescue

 "I received a call today, like so many others from someone that had found a small parrot. However, this rescue would not end as the others. I rushed to the scene, not knowing what I might find, but to witness this small quaker parrot snuggled in a towel trying to breathe. I almost dropped to my knees because it was quite obvious that this was a very critical situation. The people who found little Trooper had no idea he was so sick. We wrapped him in a towel and told him how much we loved him and rushed him to the vet. His last few minutes of life, he knew love. He was surrounded by loving thoughts, prayers and people who cared. Sadly, it was not enough and he passed away in the arms of my trusted vet Dr. Sanders at Bayshore Animal Hospital. We did everything in our power to help Trooper with the will to live, but he was too far gone when we picked him up. My heart is broken for this little life lost and I will never forget the helplessness I felt when I first held him in my arms. He was so tiny and cold, I knew we were going to lose him, but I did not give up. Trooper will always hold a place in my heart even though I only knew him less than an hour. He will have a special place at Birds of Paradise as he will be the first resident at “The Rainbow Bridge” at BOPS. I love you little Trooper and will place you in the most perfect spot at Paradise. Fly free precious little soul. I love you."

Goodnight sweet, Trooper. I’ll see you in heaven.
It's tough to hear these stories, but you gotta take the good with the bad. The good makes it worth it and the bad fuels the good.


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