Monday, March 5, 2012

The Joy of Flight

By Lynda Lewis

Volunteering at a sanctuary has given me a perspective of flight that I just don't see in my flighted birds in the home.

To see birds fly just for the joy of flying is a wonderful thing. 
I am able to see difference between big and little birds. 
The macaws for example seem to get the most enjoyment just hanging out together. When they fly it is to get from here to there, because of a disturbance or to greet their favorite human. 
Where as the conures fly just for the joy and entertainment of flying. there is nothing more wonderful then to see conures flying. Swooping back and forth from here to there to everywhere just for the fun of it. Sure they love having other conures swooping along beside them and like to fly in groups. But they do not do it to get from here to there. They do it just for the pure joy. I have stood and watched the conures fly back and forth over and over the whole length of the flight nonstop just for fun. Screaming and whooping it up. You can see the pleasure flight brings them. It makes you want to be a conure!
Not only is this wonderful enrichment but it is so healthy for them, helping them maintain their cardiovascular and respiratory system at peak levels. 
Another thing you notice in a flighted bird is they have incredible muscle structure. There is a big difference feeling the chest of a flighted bird versus a nonflighted bird. A nonflighted bird tends to be slightly soft where as a flighted bird has a chest that is very firm.

Not everyone can handle and safely maintain a flighted bird. But if you have the means and ability to let your birds fly in a safe environment, do it! 

They were born with wings for a reason!

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