Friday, June 15, 2012


My life changed on September 6, 2011.  I will never forget the calm before the storm.  The preparations made to guarantee a safe journey for my precious cargo.  The frightened, hopeless, sad and confused faces of 16 beautiful parrots that had been abused, neglected and rejected.  The Troy Angels were coming home.  I still cry for because of what they went through before people stepped in to help.  Yes people stepped in to help.   Looking at the pictures of the rescue, I am amazed by the compassion, kind words and support shown from people that love birds.  Some of the names may surprise you.   

This particular rescue was one in which would ultimately divide the avian rescue community.  It seems to have begun a sort of domino effect with many many rescues becoming the target of ridicule, defamation and downright hostility.  Some believe “they” have all the answers and if you do not believe as they do then you are wrong.  I believe we can all learn from each other and should form an alliance to help the birds and other rescues.  This should not be about the people and their personalities but about the birds, their health and happiness.  If it were all about me, I would be looking for the nicest house, the nicest car, the best clothes, dining in the best restaurants….you get the idea.  But for me, it is all for the birds.  Some will say that I’m in it for the money, well where is the money???  It certainly is not in my bank account or in the items I purchase for myself or the trips to the spa (what spa?).  I spend 7 days a week caring for the parrots at Birds of Paradise and I love them all.  It is simply what I do.  It is what I chose because it is my passion and one that is greatly needed.   

I do not understand all the division in the avian world.  Yes we are all individuals with beliefs, desires and hopes, but why can we not work together.  I don’t mind a little constructive criticism, but geesh, you don’t have to go for the jugular.  That does not help the birds.  All it does is make people afraid to ask for help.  Yes AFRAID.  One innocent picture on the internet, one small sentence worded incorrectly can get you a crap load of abuse and persecution.  A dirty water bowl, a cage too small (even though it may be a travel cage), the wrong food…..  No one waits for an explanation, they just jump on the band wagon and start bashing.  Don’t even try to offer any kind of justification or defense for said infraction.  Oh no, they will believe the worst.  Why?  Well I don’t know.  Why does no one get the benefit of the doubt anymore.  Guilty without trial.  Condemned without understanding.   Again I ask, does this help the birds. NO.  It only sends people into hiding with their problems.  Even those that ask for help are crucified and convicted without trial.  And I am tired of it.  I don’t have the answers to turn this around, but I damn sure am going to try.  So much could be accomplished by working together to help rescues and sanctuaries, even breeders.  In helping each other we ultimately help the birds.

I want to start over.  If I have hurt anyone by my words or actions, I apologize.  I am human and make mistakes.  I am big enough to admit it, are you?  We have to start somewhere, why not right here and right now.  Please join me and work together to make this a positive place to share our knowledge, passion and love for these magnificent feathered wonders.  The birds did not ask to be brought here and caged, abused and neglected.  It is our duty to see them happy, healthy and loved.  I challenge you to put your personal differences aside and make a difference in our avian community.

I will be posting the pictures of the Troy rescue following this post.  Otherwise you will not be able to see the comments.  An avian community coming together to rescue these precious Angels.  The way it should be.

Welcome to Paradise.


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