Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Funny and Not So Funny

WARNING: Foul Language, although humorous to some...

Every time I hear a bird talking off color, yes, I laugh. I understand that sense of humor, unfortunately not everyone does.

It may seem like a buzz-kill, but as a bird-lover, there's a harsh reality we need to ponder upon:
  • What if a bird like this ends up with a family that doesn't appreciate his antics?
There are too many people out there who might respond negatively, even though he's only saying those words because of this current-family's encouragement.
  • What type of future-family wants a swearing parrot, especially if there's kids involved?
Sometimes people don't stop to think that their bird might not be with them all of it's life. Many parrots outlive their original owners.

The humor is not worth the risk, so you might want to restrain yourselves, and watch your mouth around your feathered Memorex.

via Tricia Dixon & Jen Budrock

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