Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome Bandit

One of the most difficult parts of being in rescue.

Bandit is an owner surrender to BOPS. He is a wild caught bird from Aruba. His parents adopted him 22 years ago soon after he was ripped from his home. They loved, nurtured and taught him to trust people and be happy in captivity.

Surrendering Bandit was a heart wrenching decision with many many tears. Research was done and BOPS was chosen to be his forever home. His parents wish Bandit to remain in our care and to be allowed the "Freedom to Fly". He will be allowed to remain in our free flight cockatoo aviary after his acclimation period.
Why is this so hard you ask??? As his mom was crying as she walked out the door, little Bandit was saying "I love you". Bandit got extra love last night and this morning.

He will be very well socialized and fit right in at BOPS. Welcome to Paradise Bandit.

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