Thursday, February 21, 2013

More About BOPS

Vetting & Quarantine
We have two quarantine rooms for new arrivals.
Birds are acclimated to the flights by introducing them via separate cages within the flights, to adjust to their new friends.

We have a vet that visits on site. He has 25 years experience, of which were spent at a zoo, and is experienced working with birds in a flight setting.

Any birds that need major or extensive (critical) care are brought to Theresa Lightfoot, an avian certified veterinarian.

The flights are beautiful, they have shelter, natural bamboo perches, toys as well as open area with sunshine. Most of the birds regain feathers that were formally missing due to stress. The flights have a safety catch on the front to prevent any possible escapes when the large gates are open.

Their diet is a mixture of 3 different pellets, high quality seed, vegetables, fruit, pasta and beans twice a week. The water system has 3 filters to remove any impurities so it is safe for them to drink.

Many people have visited BOPS and have been quite impressed by what they see. These include people who have just dropped in during our major work days when the volunteers are busy cleaning and spending time with the birds. Our volunteers sometimes have to step in to give tours to unexpected guests.

Florida Fish & Wildlife and Animal Control have stopped by for a visit and was pleased with what they found.

Improvements are made all the time on the property including a new medium flight and a large finch flight recently completed.

Every cent given to BOPS goes into BOPS for needs such as food, rent, vetting, and the improvements.

The majority of operating funds come from the pockets of the two women that work their butts off to give the birds a better life. Debbie & Brandi.

They love the birds with all their heart and soul as does everyone on the board.

All 16 of the Troy birds that were released to BOPS are happy, healthy and thriving. No longer are they the tortured souls witnessed in Ohio at rescue. They are able to fly around their aviary and have the freedom they so deserve. All 16 were vetted and blood tested for diseases before leaving Ohio, then were quarantined for a period of 90 days before being released into their 1,000 sq. ft. free flight. They are finally free.

There have been foul rumors spreading around the internet, which is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in animal rescue. We will continue to endure because our love for the birds in our care is so strong.

Some state that "Birds are dying at BOPS." This is just not true. We do everything in our power to provide the best life possible for any bird in need. From the elderly, to the special needs, to the spunky, and playful. 
They all matter. 
It has been mentioned that "Two birds being boarded that left BOPS with a disease and later died." 
That is also false. BOPS has only boarded one bird and this bird will be returning again next month for boarding.

There perhaps is some confusion of birds dying at another facility, but that has nothing to do with BOPS.

If anyone has questions, feel free to call Debbie or any of the volunteers.
Several well respected people in the avian community have done just that and know we have nothing to hide. 

We do, however, need to focus more on the birds in our care, rather than internet bullying. 

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