Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Custom Vinyl Decals

Trying to generate funds to help the flock!

Each one is hand-drawn in Adobe Illustrator taking, on average, 3 hours each if designed from scratch.
Donations are requested (on average - depending on complexity) at 10$ an hour.
Details are peeled out by hand with a Xacto knife.
Decals are then put on transfer paper and mailed out.

Depending on the volume, it may take some time to get to receive them, updates on individual items will be given upon request and posted here.

Please e-mail your favorite images of your birds to: nofeatherleftbehind@gmail.com
Donations can be sent via Paypal to: debbie.huckaby@yahoo.com

Donations are tax-deductible.

DIRECTIONS upon receiving:
  1. Clean surface
  2. Carefully peel blue backing from the transfer/vinyl
  3. Smooth out on surface
  4. Smooth bubbles out with a credit card or popsicle stick
  5. Peel off transfer, leaving vinyl
Debbie - Charlie the Cockatoo | Complete
Sundown - Coconut the Cockatoo | Complete
Sydney - Henry the Macaw | Complete
Tracy - Sunnie the Quaker | Complete
Sarah - My Kids Have Feathers | In the works

If name does not appear here within a day and for inquiries, please message me at nofeatherleftbehind@gmail.com or in the comments section.

Artist's portfolio can be found via artandbirds.com

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